Passenger Rail

Passenger RailFranklin County residents and businesses are now served with passenger rail service provided by Amtrak out of the nearby Lynchburg station. The line was put into service in October 2009 as Amtrak inaugurated its new train service seven days a week from Lynchburg, Virginia, to Washington, DC, with single-seat service to New York and Boston under the umbrella of its Northeast Regional service. The Lynchburg-Washington train is a major paradigm shift for the Commonwealth of Virginia, since it is the first time the state has funded intercity passenger rail service.

New Passenger Train

This train, operating as it does on the U.S. 29 corridor in central Virginia, marks the first new passenger train service in Virginia in half a century. Originating in Lynchburg Monday through Friday at 7:38 am, the new train makes scheduled stops at Charlottesville, Culpeper, Manassas, Burke Centre, and Alexandria, arriving at Washington at 11:20 am. Continuing northbound, it arrives at New York's Penn Station at 3:30 pm and arrives at Boston's South Station at 7:53 pm. Southbound service departs Boston at 8:15 am and departs New York City at 12:50 pm. The train arrives in Washington at 4:50 pm and terminates at Lynchburg at 8:36 pm. Weekend service is provided at different times at least as far as New York City.