Topography & Climate

Franklin County is a place of diverse topography and temperate climate. The area encompasses beautiful sections of the Blue Ridge Mountains and both Philpott and Smith Mountain Lakes. Between the iconic natural features, there lies a generally sloping terrain of fruitful farmland, growing forests, and pure, clear rivers. A place of four temperate seasons, the community’s climate allows all of the advantages of those seasons without any of the excessive extremes.

Surrounding Areas

The County is bounded on the north by the County of Roanoke and Bedford County, on the south by Philpott Lake and Henry and Partrick Counties, on the east by Floyd County and the Blue Ridge Mountains, and on the west by Smith Mountain Lake and Pittsylvania County.

Size & Altitude

Franklin County is the seventh largest county in Virginia by area, consisting of 692.1 square miles of land and 9.5 square miles of water. Altitude in the county varies from 900 feet above sea level to more than 3,200 feet. The highest point is Cahas Knob, near the Blue Ridge Parkway. Altitude in the Town of Rocky Mount ranges from 1,200 to 1,420 feet.


TemperatureDegrees Fahrenheit
Average January High47.9
Average January Low25.9
Average July High86.6
Average July Low62.8
Mean Annual Temperature56


Air QualityOur county is classified as an attainment area for all pollutants by both state and federal agencies.
Average Annual Rainfall44 inches
Average Annual Snowfall14 inches
Average Growing Season180 days
Average Relative Humidity66%
Frost-Free NightsAverage April 20 to October 16
Prevailing WindsWesterly
Slope75% of the county is level to rolling